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Get A GREAT Deal!

Ahoy! I’m Jason Carter, a Top 100 Virgin Voyages Travel Agent!

I’m the owner of Sea Sun Vacations reach out to me so I can get you a great deal on a Virgin Voyages sailing. When I met Christine early 2023, I told her I could get her a great deal on her sailings (and like she’s said in her videos, she didn’t believe me). Fast forward 3 sailings we’ve had together, now she doesn’t pay for her champagne and on a recent 4 night solo sailing she didn’t use all her sailor loot (yes I’m calling her out for not using the last two bucks of her $1,100 in free sailor loot).

She has asked me to help the people who watch her Youtube videos to get great deals. Her favorite thing about me? Whether it’s me or my team, WE RESPOND INCREDIBLY FAST.

So however you want to reach out – call or text me at 404-465-4081, use the chat feature, or email me at at or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Whatever you choose, I’m here to help!



We get it. You’ve seen a million other deals out there, so WHY book through a travel agent?

Here’s why:


You don’t pay for this part. We just do it. How about a reminder 45 days in advance to NOT FORGET to book your dinners? We got you. A text message on during your sailing to make sure you’re all good? We got you. A helpful printable pack list specific for Virgin Voyages? Yep, we still got you.

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AHOY! From Christine and Jason!

Collectively we have sailed with Virgin Voyages nearly two dozen times which means if YOU have a question, WE have an answer. Period.

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Got questions? With nearly two dozen sailings between us, we have answers.

Below you’ll find some of the top questions asked and if yours hasn’t been answered, reach out and we’ll have an answer for you asap!

Q: Is it ACTUALLY free to get a quote on my sailing? What’s the catch?

A: This was the first question Christine asked me when we met. Yes it’s free and no, there is no catch.

Q: What exactly is “Sailor Loot”?

A: In cruising it’s normally known as “On Board Credit”. You can use it on shore excursions, a massage or facial at the spa, food upgrades like a seafood tower or tomahawk at The Wake or wagyu at Gunbae or truffles at Extra Virgin (this list is very long). You can use it on drinks – alcohol, smoothies, juices, and specialty coffees. Or go shopping! You can use it at the stores on board for anything you’d like!

Q: I ALREADY bought my Virgin Voyage cruise. Can I still get a great deal?

A: Heck yea we can! Reach out to us and we will help you get the great deal.

Q: Do you book anything else other than Virgin?.

A: Yes we do! We can help you with any cruise line or resort.

Q: Wait! I still have a question!

A: If you want to ask me, text me, call me or email me! OR … ask US! Christine and I are in the Virgin Voyages Facebook group answering questions, providing helpful tips for your voyage and she’s sharing exclusive content you can’t find on any of her other channels.


Why We Love Virgin Voyages

We can’t tell you how many people we’ve met who sail Virgin Voyages and then REFUSE to sail with anyone else.

It really is that good? Your entire cruise experience is elevated. From the food, to the ship spaces, to the service, rooms, entertainment and an added bonus… There are no kids.

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Virgin Voyages Blog Articles
Virgin Voyages Blog Articles

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Start the Booking Process Today!

If you know what trip you want already, let me know here exactly which one? If not, tell me exactly what you’re looking for? What’s important is, number of guest, room type, where are you wanting to go, how long of a trip and dates!